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Meetings are at the COWSHACC, Welshpool 10.30 am unless otherwise stated in the programme below.

Programme 2020

Coronavirus - meetings of the group are continuing via email dialogue. The programme is subject to change during this period.

          • 16th January
                                Paul Corby will show us how to put sound to slide shows created in Pictures to Exe software, where to get music from, how to record it and the use of Audacity free software. If time permits we shall look further into how to focus cameras to achieve sharpness where it is required.
  • 20th February
                        Roger Foulkes will show us his technique in making picture improvements in Photoshop and Lightroom software. If time permits we shall look at any aspect of camera craft members request.
  • 19st March
                        Members to show their pictures, subject “Winter”.                   
  • 16th April
                         Close up photography. Members to show their efforts at getting close.
  •   21stMay
                         Animals. Members to show pictures of the 4 legged variety                      
  • 18th June
                          Possible photo excursion TBC.