Special Interest Groups

Each Group organises its own programme and pays its own expenses if any. The topics covered by a group may be quite narrow or very broad. We don't tend to go in for formalised courses, although some Groups might organise for themselves a series of 'lessons', mostly delivered by a member of the group. The emphasis is very much on Group members with expertise passing on their knowledge and skills, or members of the group researching a subject of interest and then giving a presentation to the group.
If a subject is not covered, we can start another group! If the group you want to join is full, make sure you send your name to the Groups Coordinator so that another group can be started.

Some Groups have their own pages on this site and their page links are listed under the Group Programmes heading to the right of this page. Contact details for Group coordinators are only available from the hard copy of the Newsletter, from the noticeboard at the monthly meetings, or from the Membership Secretary who can be contacted at membership@welshpoolanddistrictu3a.org.uk

Interest Group List

The days and times given below are the normal times. Occasionally, a Group will meet on a different day or time, so please check with the Group Co-ordinator if you haven't been for a while.

Astronomy Please click on the Astronomy button located on right- hand menu nearer the top of the page for our full programme Currently Suspended awaiting more members   Phil Ranson
  Bird GroupPlease click on the Bird Watching button located on right- hand menu nearer the top of the page for our full programme 2nd Friday, am   Paul Corby and Jenny Heard
Book Club 1 Every month we read and discuss a book chosen by one of the group. We read fiction: contemporary, classic, popular and sometimes the more obscure. Our list has also included non-fiction and biography. Discussions reflect the variety of our tastes and experience; they are always interesting and sometimes quite fiery. We would all agree that we learn a lot and have broadened our literary horizons. 4th Tuesday, pm Sue Walker  
Book Club 2 Second Book Club was created when the first Book Club numbers became a bit too big to manage. 4th Tuesday, pm   Peter Stelfox-Griffin 
Chess Club Do you play chess or would like to learn. All levels welcome. 2nd Monday, 10am Denise Sayer
  Dog WalkingWalking with dogs for 1-2 hours at various local locations. 4th Thursday, 10.30am   Karin Thompson
Earth SciencesPlease click on the Earth Sciences button located on right- hand menu nearer the top of the page. 2nd Thursday, pm. Currently suspended pending a new leader TBA
Everything Textiles The Textile group meets on the third Monday of the month at the St Winefred's Hall at 2pm. We carry out our own projects and teach each other skills. 1st & 3rd Monday pm Jill Smith
Family History Ever since the programme Who do you think you are? came to our screens, more of us want to look at our own family histories. Join others who are doing just that and having fun at the same time. 3rd Tuesday am Brian Mills
  Film Group MontyThe MONTGOMERY FILM GROUP meets at Dragon Hotel, Montgomery to discuss the film which has been viewed by the group the previous month. Each month a member selects their choice with a view to stimulating discussion and debate. We have ranged over old black and white films, classics, award winners (Cannes, Oscars etc), subtitled foreign films and many others, even cartoons if members think they're worth a viewing. Almost invariably these meetings move into very wide ranging discussions, picking up themes and parallels from the film but also having a lot of fun. Over time we've all learned a lot, even some finer technical points on film making from our resident 'movie buffs'. Clearly some of us had misspent youths! 1st Wednesday, am    Jacqui Davies
  Film Group Pool This Film Group is for people in the Welshpool and surrounding area. The Group meets once a month to discuss the film chosen in the preceding month. We also go to 'Flicks in the Sticks' in Welshpool or Castle Caereinion, held monthly and showing a variety of films, and we also share our thoughts on this film at our monthly meeting. Discussion of the films always leads to interesting general discussion on related topics. 1st Wednesday, am   Liz Mathieson
  Focus DiscussionThe Focus Discussion group does just that. We focus on a topic and discuss it. At each monthly meeting , taking ideas from the members, we decide on the topic for the next month. This gives us time to carry out some research, which makes for a lively and informed discussion. We meet in the COWSHACC. 4th Friday, am    Robert Robinson
FrenchThe FRENCH GROUP is an intermediate level group designed for those who know a little French but are not confident French speakers. Members translate and listen to current articles as well as covering a little grammar. Some attempt at French conversation is also made in a very relaxed atmosphere with Members helping each other along the way in English as necessary. The group is limited to a maximum of 9 people and meets in a member's house in Welshpool. 1st & 3rd Monday, am   Ruth Beardsell
French Conversation Do you speak good French?
You may want to come along and use it sometimes
This group meets for a snack lunch once a month to chat in French and discuss all kinds of topics. It is designed for good French speakers who want a chance to enjoy the language and use it in company with others.
2nd Wednesday, 10.30 am    Gerry Skinner
Garden Visits Members decide on Garden visits and the general programme in November and who will organise each meeting. In January and February we do not meet because of the poorer weather. In 2017 we’re planning to visit Claire Austen’s Nursery, a member’s garden and to have at least one video; as well as the planning meeting in November and a Christmas lunch in December. 1st Friday, am TBA
  Knit and Natter Knit and Natter meet at the Royal Oak in Welshpool at a reserved table. No particular skill is needed just the ability to learn.
(and Natter of course!)
3rd Thursday, pm   Lynne Geldart
  Learn To Draw 2nd Monday   Jacqui Thompson
  Local/Social History The local history group meets at the COWSHACC in Welshpool. We have various talks on the history of Powys and the Marches and this year (2017) we shall be visiting various places including Pennant Melangell, Llandrindod Wells , Lake Vyrnwy and Erddig so you can see we are quite wide ranging. 3rd Tuesday, pm   Elisabeth Barnes
  Luncheon 2nd Wednesday   Paul Harris
  Medieval History
Medieval Local History Research Group studies a local topic for research with publication of an article in a History Journal as the intended end result. Members of the Group will be introduced to the many sources of access to medieval documents. Knowledge of Latin or Norman French is not required as most of the material has been translated and is available online. Ability to use an internet search engine and email is essential. Meetings are held at times and frequency to suit members.
contact    John Davies
  Music Appreciation This MUSIC GROUP meets at alternate houses for a morning of Classical Music of all types, from the very earliest to the most modern, encompassing all aspects of the art, ranging far and freely through Opera, Orchestral, Lieder, Chamber Music and anything else that comes under the Classical umbrella. A longstanding small friendly group of enthusiasts have spaces for two more people and as long as you are happy to listen in silence to the music, you will be made most welcome. At present the format has developed into one that works well, in essence, the host chooses the music but there is nothing carved in stone in our group and suggestions or contributions are always most acceptable. Join us and enjoy a blissful and relaxing morning of listening. 3rd Wednesday, am   Pamela Clare-Joyce
Painting for PleasurePainting for Pleasure meets purely to indulge in the pleasure of painting without the guilty feeling that one should be doing something else! We are not a teaching group, though those with expertise are happy to pass on tips to those who are less expert. We have all shades of ability from the really talented to the relative beginner and mostly, but not invariably, work in water colour or acrylic. We do not have a set subject each month – everyone doing their own thing – but occasionally during the summer aim to have an outdoor sketching session somewhere. Do join us for 2 hours of peaceful, relaxing enjoyment. 3rd Friday, am   Lynne Geldart
  People & ComputersPlease click on the People & Computers button located on right- hand menu nearer the top of the page Currently suspended awaiting members/leader.   TBA
  Photography The Photography Group members aim to develop their artistic and technical ability in photography. Meetings cover practical matters such as use of photo software, equipment, audio visual presentations, practical workshops, photographic outings, members showing their pictures. Members have a wide range of experience and photo skills and equipment used, the only essential is an interest in photography. 3rd Thursday, am. Currently suspended. Meeting arranged to plan way forward.   TBA
Poetry The POETRY GROUP has been meeting for around ten years and all of our members have thoroughly enjoyed our exploration of Poetry and agree that we have learned much and have had our appetites whetted to learn and explore more. Our format has generally been that we choose a poet or a subject to focus on each month, taking turns to read out loud the poetry that we have brought to the meeting and this gives us a wide range of examples to study and enjoy, with every person participating. If more people would like to join this friendly bunch of poetry aficionados. If you too love poetry than please join us or if you would just like to try us out, you’d be most welcome to do so. 2nd Thursday, pm   Pamela Clare-Joyce
Psychology/NLP NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Group
NLP is about how to live a great life – whether that’s as a successful business owner, an elite sportsperson, a high academic achiever or simply a healthy and well-balanced individual. Each month we discuss different topics and do practical exercises to help group members improve in that particular area. Past topics have included achieving goals, changing behaviour, relating better to other people, kicking bad habits, understanding motivation, healthy living and much more.
Last Wednesday, pm Carol Harris
Small talk French Learn together
about French Life and how to make yourself understood clearly with a cheerful and sometimes zany group. We do not do much in the way of grammar, we do learn to talk and to understand when you hear someone else talking. Designed to help improve the French of those who have learnt a bit at school and forgotten most of it. Some members of the group are pretty good and others are actual beginners, join in and enjoy the group's activities.
1st Tuesday, pm & 2nd Tuesday, am   Please contact Jill Smith
Spanish The group uses a number of different mediums of study. We are following a Spanish course, but also use CDs, books, articles, games, and always have a period of conversing in Spanish. Since we have been learning together for several years, it would not be a suitable group for a beginner. 2nd & 4th Friday, am   Liz Mathieson
  Strolling Strollers Group is a walking group that complements the main Walking Group but offers easier and shorter walks for those members who cannot manage the longer distances or have health issues. Walks are about 4 miles long, some are canal side walks but are in any case over easier terrain, stiles are kept to a minimum. As walks usually finish at about midday and for those who wish to, we go to a local public house or cafe for something to eat afterwards. 2nd Monday, am (Apr - Nov)   Paul Lucock
  Supper Club Supper Group members choose where to meet according to everyone's preference on the third Tuesday evening at 6.30. As restaurants and pubs change hands we take this into account when choosing a venue. Please contact Lynette Davies for details of the next meeting (phone number on hard copy of the Newsletter) 3rd Tuesday, 6:30 pm   TBA
WalkersPlease click on the Walking button located on right- hand menu nearer the top of the page for our full programme Currently Closed   TBA
 Wine Appreciation The WINE APPRECIATION GROUP meets to taste, discuss, compare and rate wines to a previously agreed theme i.e. by grape (e.g. cabernet sauvignon), country, region, type (e.g. dessert wines) etc. To compare value for money, single members provide a wine at regular supermarket prices whilst couples bring a bottle at twice the price. The evenings host(s) provide 'nibbles' to suit the wines. Meetings are held in member's homes, ideally on the second Tuesday of the month but we are flexible to accommodate attendance. 2nd Tuesday, pm   Jacqui Davies
  Writing for Pleasure As agreed by group members
Janet Willson