Earth Sciences

THIS GROUP IS NOT CURRENTLY MEETING. It requires a leader if it is to resume.

We interpret Earth Sciences very widely. It is anything connected with the Earth, so can include Natural History, Ecology, Planetary Science, as well as the usual stuff like Geology, Climatology and what we used to call Geography when we went to school.
We like to wander round our subject, and wander round the landscape!
Our meetings are usually on the second Thursday afternoon of the month. Meetings start at 2pm in small room at the Cowshacc Welshpool. Outdoor trips are as indicated.

2020 dates

  • January: 9th  Bacteria, their evolution structure and overall importance to us. A talk by Jenny Foulkes
  • February: 13th  Navigation at sea through the ages, a talk by Arthur Bell, will cover following the coast to following the stars, measuring latitude and longitude and the application of equipment and technology to GPS and integrated systems.
  • March:12th Electric cars, a talk by Mel Lyons will cover the pluses and minuses of a change from piston engines, the availability of materials, availability of electricity, health, practicality, reduction in greenhouse gases to save the planet, and safety.
  • April: 9th  Trees, a look at the growing understanding of their complexity from research, a talk by Jenny Foulkes.
  • May: 14th  Llanymynech Quarry, trip arranged by Freda Bass. We can look for orchids and fossils and wonder at the man shaped landscapes.
  • June: 11th A visit to the coast for a talk by Justin Lyons, son of Mel. Justin works for Natural Resources Wales.
  • July: 9th River Severn, a guided talk by Stan Stedman arranged by Rob Davies.
  • August: 13th The Jurassic period of time from 208 to 146 million years ago. A presentation by Arthur Bell.
  • September: 10th  TBA
  • October: 8th  Fungi, a talk by Jenny Foulkes.
  • November: 12th  TBA
  • December: 12th  TBA