People and Computers

This group started because several U3A members found that they had problems using their computers. Comments made in conversations demonstrated that many were getting very frustrated and they were clearly not achieving the best results from their computing experience.
A small group met with their laptops and talked through their problems. From there it was apparent that there was an interest to learn more, and so the group developed and expanded.
We don't follow any computer course because the group decides what they want to cover. There is always time set aside to discuss individual's questions.
Our meetings are on the second Tuesday afternoon of each month, at St.Winifred's Parish Hall,  Welshpool from 3pm to 5pm.

2019 dates

  • 8th January:
  • 12th February:
  • 12th March:
  • 9th April:
  • 14th May:
  • 11th June:
  • 9th July:
  • 13th August:
  • 10th September:
  • 8th October:
  • 12th November:
  • 10th December: